Our friends, Eric & Julie, over at 365 Hawaii have another great video for you…

White Christmas time! Yes! It snowed on Mauna Kea this week and we went up 13,500 feet to see and play in it! We put a floaty ring and a make shift snow board to the test at 11,000 feet, but after popping my tube and realizing a skateboard is not going to work very well in the snow, we went to the top and got to see how the REAL enthusiasts do it on the mauna!
Everyone who lives on Hawaii Island for any length of time has seen a pick up truck with shovels sticking out of a large mound of snow in the bed of the truck as they go home to make snowmen and show their friends..we show you them in action!
Also, when you see the end clip of the woman handing me a snow ball..those folks didnt have the right vehicle to make it up to the top, as the officials are stopping people who do not have 4WD from driving further than the Visitors Center at 9000 feet. They hailed a nice guy from the road to come down and share some snow with them. Then they went nuts in a snow ball fight! And we captured the aloha on film. So fun.

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