Our friends, Eric & Julie, over at 365 Hawaii have another great video for you…

This Kona Low system brought more lightning, thunder, rain and wind than any weather event we have seen since we first moved here. The capper of hours of weather related mayhem was today, Monday, December 19th, when a series of wind gusts hit Kailua Kona around 4:30 pm and caused wide spread tree damage that pulled down power lines and caused wide spread power outages. Flooding has been rampant with up to 7 inches of rain reported in neighborhoods in Kona. We have seen photos of trees toppled on beaches up and down the West side. Mauna Kea experienced blizzard conditions with over 100 mph winds reported.
Personally, we watched a limb hit a power line, catch fire, and burn through the line, land on a road way and explode. We then lost power to our home. Many of our fellow residents are out of power tonight, due to similar experiences with fallen trees and such.
Thanking HELCO tonight for being on our street to try and fix the power line.

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