Our friends, Eric & Julie, over at 365 Hawaii have another great video for you…

When you live on an island, sometimes you need to get off and go explore! Is this island fever? Perhaps, as travel restrictions that have kept us away from Lake Tahoe, in-person conferences, and discovering new places, like the Valley of Fire in the Nevada desert out of Las Vegas that we show you in this video! So, come see what we found (glowing yellow aspen, red rock canyons, snow, rushing waterfalls and more!)

We chat a bit about island fever and why people like us leave Hawaii to go get a sense of the seasons, temperature changes, unique experiences, visiting family, and just DRIVING!

(We missed showing you our time in downtown San Jose, visiting a pumpkin patch and sampling apple ciders and wine and varieties of apples at Boa Vista in Apple Valley in the Sierra Nevada, going to a real estate technology conference in Las Vegas, and a few more fun places so that after a ten day trip we were happy to be home to Kona!)

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