Our friends, Eric & Julie, over at 365 Hawaii have another great video for you…

Why is stacking rocks in Hawaii deemed inappropriate and culturally offensive? Hawaiians have stated on a variety of pages in social media that "If Pele herself would not create such piles in Nature it is not Pono for you to do so. This is Kapu, this is taboo unless for worshiping reasons to the Gods in such forms as Heiau’s or Ahu’s. Creating such unnatural forms is the NEW NATURAL GRAFFITI and TAGGING of our Hawaiian islands. We don’t need to leave our "MARK" behind to say or show others that we have been there…That’s why anyone who respects the aina, the history and the Native Hawaiian people only take pictures and never leave footprints."

Before you travel to Hawaii, read and take the Pono Pledge so you will learn how to stay safe and be a respectful traveler to our islands.

Eric and Julie Ziemelis show you the life on Hawaii Island!

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