Our friends, Eric & Julie, over at 365 Hawaii have another great video for you…

November 29, 2022, Thousands of Hawaii Island residents descended upon Saddle Road last night to capture the unique experience of watching lava erupt from Mauna Loa volcano and flow down the flank towards Saddle Road/Daniel K. Inouye Highway.
Just like just about everyone else on this island, we decided to go and see for ourselves this magnificent and epic experience on our ever changing island home. We headed for the Mauna Visitors Center, first, because it looked like it would get us off the "highway experience" of peo trying to park. However, when we got there, we saw that the cinder cone across from the Maur Kea access road was not only a safe place to park, but would give us closer access to the lava flow viewing. The cinder cone is called Pu’ Huluhulu and it DID offer us an epic experience to enjoy the flow AND we were able to pass by an alter to Pele and leave a gift of respect for the island goddess.

We were in awe for the few hours we were there and captured the unbelievable beauty of this eruption. As we were standing up on top of the pu’u, we could hear the police down below us telling people not to park on the road. They were absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of people coming to see the lava.
As someone said on social media today, "It was like the entire island populace came up to be in this place at once."

With so many people in one place, there was bound to be an accident, so we got stuck trying to get home around 8:30, as more and more people came up the road from Kona and Hilo. We turned around and took the Old Saddle Road back to the upper highway, then down through Waikoloa Village to the main Queen Kahamanu highway. Two hours to get home! But it was well worth the trek. Along the way, we were treated to MANY different views of the eruption! Waikoloa Village was seeing the fountaining from the side of the flow, that was not apparent where we were in the valley All around the island, people are posting photos of their view of the eruption and they all show just how big this eruption is and how far reaching its glow is
Enjoy our movie.;-)

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