Our friends, Eric & Julie, over at 365 Hawaii have another great video for you…

The parades in Kona have been going on for decades. However, the volunteers have been dwindling over the past few years and when the top organizers decided to step down after the Christmas Parade, they let the public know there would be no more parades, as they were unable to find another organization to pick it up.
When Renee Kraft, who was one of the lead organizers, let me know last December that the parades were pau, I started looking for volunteers within my 365 Hawaii Newbies group who could help save the parades. We learned that the County had to have a non profit willing to step up and be the fiduciary for the funds that the County provides to pay a portion of the fireworks. I had just started a new non-profit, the 365 Hawaii Island Community Fund and the Board of Directors wanted to help save the parades, so we offered to help.
Fast forward to today, and we have volunteers who stepped up to lead and be responsible for the myriad of tasks of making this parade come together. Both Barb and Renee, the past organizers, have offered to mentor this new crew as we try and put on a parade for the first time AND raise $37,000 for the fireworks. They graciously appeared in this video with Kumu Keala Ching to discuss the passing of the torch and to ask for the public’s help.

The news is this:
The cost of the fireworks increased and having just gotten our momentum going, the committee only has 8 weeks left until the 4th of July and we need the community to help if they would like to see a fireworks show and enjoy the parade.
We have created a GoFundMe to collect “micro donations” from the community, AND we are reaching out to the business community, but our deadline to pay for ½ the fireworks show is coming up on the 15th of May. We don’t know if we are going to make it.
It should be an amazing day. Can you help us?
Please donate: https://gofund.me/5551e8e3
Get a float together and put in an application at www.ParadesInKona.com

The theme this year is “Kaulana” which means “rise above the rest” or “most famous”. We are approaching all the high schools who have had winning seasons to participate in the parade to get the kids involved and we have invited Cindi Punihaole as the Grand Marshall, as she is the star of the new documentary, “Keeper of the Bay” and leads the Reef Teach Program and is the steward for the bay.
If you would like to volunteer for the parade, email julie@ziemelis.com or go to 365 Hawaii Community Volunteers on Facebook and join!