Another guest post from our friends over at 365 Kona!

People say, "Do your research to find out the REAL story of moving to an island." We talk to you honestly about housing, health care, income opportunities, education, crime, natural disasters, pests, loneliness, island fever and more in this video to give you a pretty good idea of some of the hurdles you may face when moving to Hawaii Island. It takes resilience, grit, fortitude, passion and a dose of luck to make a successful life here..find out some of the hurdles you may face on your way to island life.

If you can get beyond some of the things that may way lay your dream, we are here to help! We offer community, connection, knowledge, resources, time and money saving advice and more through our 365 Ohana if you want to make Hawaii Island home.. Find out more at or email us direct at
Also, I discuss most of these aspects of island life in depth in my book, "How to Move to Hawaii" available at

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