Our friends, Eric & Julie, over at 365 Hawaii have another great video for you…

Suffering is never fun when you personally are doing it, but it makes great video, especially when you get to see one of the most epic views on Earth! We took the advice we received over a decade ago to hike the Ala Kai Swamp Trail in Kauai through the highest swamp on Earth to reach the Kilohana Lookout. Photos of this look out appear on magazine covers around the world. Yes, it is that amazing! We got to the end, droned it up and show you an amazing experience, as well as the travel and travails of getting through an eight hour hike, and an inspiration ending. Come take the video journey so you don’t have to suffer like we did!

Here is the Ala Kai Swamp trail map (which we wish we had discovered ahead of time) because if you see it, we took the one from Puu Kila and it seems easier coming in from the other way highlighted in this map! https://www.hawaii-guide.com/images/body_images/kauai-alakai_swamp_trail_map.jpg

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