Our friends, Eric & Julie, over at 365 Hawaii have another great video for you…

We take you into a realm of visual story telling on this epic journey to Pololu Valley where you will see things you may have seen before, but we can guarantee that you will see new things while also enjoying a story of a magical adventure.

SCRIPT: If you would like to read the script as the original essay, check out the post here: https://thatmomenwhen.blogspot.com/2021/11/the-unicorns-of-sacred-valley.html

Let us know in the comments if you like this form of video from us..Julie enjoys the creative writing and Eric enjoys the drone/video production work!
It’s like releasing our first short film! 365Hawaii Productions Presents: An Unexpected Find In A Hidden Valley.

And if you DO find yourself in the valley, the bench you see in the film is a 40 minute hike through the valley, up the ridge and heading toward the next valley over.